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St Peters Basilica Rome

Church Plate

Church Plate Altar
Church Bells

The term church plate is a collective term for church objects made of precious metals such as Chalices, Ciboria, Monstrances etc.

We offer a large range of items from the menus below and some of these products are from stock, whilst others may be to order only and hence have a small lead-time attached.  Some of our valued items are crafted by artisans in Italy and you will be delighted with the quality and value.

We want you to enjoy your items for many years so do ask that you look after them appropriately.  Note when cleaning gilded and plated church plate, please use hot soapy water only.  Do not use commercial or industrial chemicals and cleaners, bleaches, Brasso© and suchlike.  Items that are coated and gilded can be seriously affected by such cleaning products and they can cause a lifting of the coatings, discolouration and markings as well as other problems.

Solid Gold and solid Silver items are an exception and can be treated in a diferent but sympathetic way.

Please adhere to these cleaning instructions as no refunds will be given where cleaning products are detected by the lab, where returns are tested by our suppliers.


Church Paten
Church Chalice
Church Ciborium

bells & gongs

Patens & plates



Church Monstrance
Lavabo Bowl and Jug
Baptismal Jug & Bowl
Oil Stocks


jugs & bowls

jugs and bowls

Holy oil stocks & Bottles



Incense Thuribles Censor
Church Reliquary


Incense Thuribles, Boats & Spoons


Church Asperges
Altar Crosses & Corpus

Holy Water SPrinkers & Buckets

Altar Crosses/CORPUS

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