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Church Consumables Supplies

North East Church Supplies offer you a wide range on cunsumable items including altar bread in various styles and sizes including Low Gluten, Communion Wines, Incenses and Charcoals as well as a wide range of candles for all ocassions.



Our candles are also among the best in the market and feature a high beeswax content for your total satisfaction.  Burning evenly and well without excess smoke - get yours online today.


We also blend our own incense, offering a range of sizes and beautiful aroma options.  All hand blended in batches to offer you the best availability.  We stock the ever popular Prinknash varieties too.



Why not also consider placing your consuamble items on repeat order.  We can then automatically dispatch your required goods at regular intervals and with payment by invoice, you need not worry about a thing.  Contact us for further details.

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