church furnishing items

Here at North East Church Supplies we offer a huge range of products including altar cloths, lecterns, offering boxes and plates, collection bags and a whole lot more. The wood swatches and photography that are represented below have been provided to give you a visual representation of the wood and stain options available, however, due to variations in individual user monitor settings, calibrations, colour printing settings and lighting sources, we cannot guarantee that your wood product will be an exact match to the colours represented.


We would also like to explain that in certain wood species, the colour changes as it ages over time.  For example, most cuts of redwood gain a richer colour as it ages. Colouring also varies throughout any given cut of wood grade, providing a broad range of shading and colour density. We would like to also point out that there will be a variation that one can expect from a single sample of material, compared to the thousands of varying pieces that will be utilized in the final construction of our large range of wood products.


To compliment our vast range of products, we have added various high quality items to our furnishings range which you can see below. 


All made from the best materials and with the best craftsmanship available.

Many more products available so if there is something specifically you require, please contact us for further help and information

Bespoke Cloths

Our altar, credence and fairlinen cloths are made from a choice of high quality fabrics and are hemstiched with mitred corners.  All cloths are bespoke and hence made to fit your requirements.  A choice of embroidery and a wide range of lace may be applied to complete your cloth.

A set of drawings may be produced and sent for confirmation before we begin work on your creation to give you the full sizing and layout details and peace of mind.

See our ALTAR CLOTHS page for further details, options and costs.

Traditional Mahogany Lectern

LEC001 - Traditional Mahogany Lectern

Solid Mahogany Lectern.  44" high, 18" wide, 14" deep.  Comes ready to be easily assembled.  Our high quality Lectern has been around for many years now and is unsupassed in terms of quality and value for money.

Contemporary Lectern

LEC004 - Contemporary Lectern


High quality and solid mahogany lectern.  Free standing and contemporary styling it stands 44" high, 18" wide and 14 1/2" deep it can be easily self-assembled (Tools supplied)

Folding Legilium
Folding Legilium

LEC002 - Folding Legilium


This high-quality Legilium is made from mahogany and represents excellent value for money. It stands 46" tall at the front rising to 50" at the back with a top measuring 18" x 16". It can be easily erected and folded away.

Modern acrylic Lectern

LEC010 - Modern Lectern

Modern , free  standing  Lectern  made  from  mahogany  and  acrylic.     Size:   Overall 46" Tall, Top = 15.75" x 23.6",

Base = 15.75" x 23.6".  A very sturdy and wonderful looking Lectern

Folding Tabletop Lectern
Folding Tabletop Lectern
Folding Tabletop Lectern
Folding Tabletop Lectern

LEC006 - Folding Tabletop Lectern

This ingenious design provides invaluable flexibility. Because it can be folded flat and has a retractable handle it can be easily stored away or transported. It is made from Mahogany and is finished with a tough varnish to lend it extra protection. 


Measuring 68.5cm x 37cm x 37cm and it comes complete with its very own carry-case. 


Available in a light or dark stain mahogany finish.

CT88906 - Credence Table

This credence table is made from solid oak wood with a finishing veneer.

Height: 33 inch (84cm) x Width:  30 inch (76cm) x Depth:  20 inch (51cm)

Available to order

PD88912 - Predieux Kneeler

PD88912 - Predieux Kneeler

This Predieux Kneeler is made from solid oak wood with a finishing veneer.= and cushioned kneeler.

Height: 32 inch (81cm) x Width:  19.5 inch (49.5cm) x Depth:  20 inch (51cm)

Available to order

Bible Book Stand
Bible Book Stand

BS022CO / BS002N - Bible/Book Stand

.  Quality craftsmanship and a very high standard.  The angle can be adjusted to suit.  Available in a dark or light stain mahogany finish.

Bible Book Stand
Bible Book Stand

BS005/ BS005N - Bible/Book Stand

A larger version 16" x 10" Solid Mahogany, book stand ideal for altars.  Quality craftsmanship and a very high standard.  The angle can be adjusted to suit.  Available in a dark or light stain mahogany finish.


Bible Book Stand

BS004N - Bible/Book Stand

An Extra Large 21.5" x 13" Solid Mahogany, book stand. 


Quality craftsmanship and very high standard.  Angle can be adjusted to suit.  Natural finish.


Available in natural finish.


Bible Book Stand

BS006CO - Desktop Bible/Book Stand

Solid Mahogany portable desktop bible/book stand.  Available in sizes 9" x 9" or 14" x 10"


Ideal for small spaces.  Portable too!


Offertory Basket Bowl
Offertory Basket Bowl

OB001R / OB001B - Offertory Basket Bowl


Solid Mahogany rim with basketweave wooden bowl.  Sized at 11" in diameter these offertory bowls will make an excellent addition to any church.  Available in red or blue bottom finish




Offertory Bowl
Offertory Bowl

OB002R / OB002B - Offertory Bowl


Solid Mahogany wooden bowl ofertory bowl.  Sized at 12" in diameter these offertory bowls will make an excellent addition to any church.  Available in red or blue velvet bottom finish




Offertory Bags
Offertory Bag
Offertory Bags
Offertory Bags
Offertory Bags

OB001BGB / OB001BGR - Offertory Bags (Velvet)


Mahogany handled Offering Bag.  Available in a blue or red velvet colour and with the option of light or dark stain mahogany handles.  Overall Width 14.5".  Aperture 4.5" x 5.5".   Depth 11"




OB003R / OB003B - Offertory Bags (Velvet)


This mahogany-handled Large Velvet and lined Offering Bag - Overall Width 19'-aperture 8' X 10' available in blue or red with embroidered cross to front.




Locking Offertory Box
Locking Offertory Box
Locking Offertory Box
Locking Offertory Box
Laser Etched Cross Wafer Box

B001T - Locking Offertory Box


Solid mahogany carved cross Offertory Box with lock and key.  Available in large and small sizes and two finishes (Dark and Natural)

Large - 10" x 6" x 7"

Small - 8" x 12" x 9"

Hinged lid and complete with onw key.





GLT012 - Laser Etched Cross Wafer Box


Solid mahogany wood communion bread box.  Holds 100 x 1 1/8" wafers inside.  Ideal for storage and transport of communion hosts, keeping them safe and in sections of 10pcs inside the box.


With hinged lid. 


Laser etched with cross on lid.  5.5" x 4" x 2"




Zucchetto Stand

All clerics who hold the episcopal character (that is to say, bishops — whether the Pope, cardinals, titular bishops or diocesan bishops) wear the zucchetto throughout most of the Mass, removing it at the commencement of the Canon and replacing it at the conclusion of the Communion.


A short stand placed on the altar, known as a funghellino is used in some churches to hold the zuchetto during that part of the service. No other people are permitted to wear the zucchetto at Mass. Also, the zucchetto continues to be worn while the mitre is being worn; it is placed inside it (a mitre is bottomless, so the zuchetto sits on the head while the mitre is around it).

We are able to offer the funghellino options, to order, as below:

Oak Wood Funghellino - FZ-001

A solid Oak wood Funghellino Zucchetto Stand available in two sizes and finishes.  Beautifully made from the finest hardwood available.  Made in the UK.

Available in traditional Dark Oak or Light Oak finishes and in two heights 10" and 16".  The base is baize (wool) finished to protect any surfaces.

Available to order in circa 7-10 days