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Church altar candles are candles set on or near altars for religious ceremonies. Various denominations have regulations or traditions regarding the number and type of candles used, and when they are lit or extinguished during the services.


Altar candles may sit directly on the altar or be placed in tall stands to the side of and/or behind the altar. For safety, altar candles are secured in some type of candle holder which may be simple or elaborate – referred to usually as a candlestick. To prevent wax from dripping, candles are often topped by a "candle follower", a short tube made of brass, glass or some other non-flammable material.

For celebration of Mass, it is required that "on or next to the altar are to be placed candlesticks with lighted candles: at least two in any celebration, or even four or six, especially for a Sunday Mass or a holy day of obligation. If the Diocesan Bishop celebrates, then seven candles should be used, except if he is outside the boundary of his jurisdiction".


At the beginning of the 20th century, complex rules governed the composition and number of candles to be used at Mass.  Lighted candles of the correct composition (beeswax, with no more than a minimal admixture of other material, and usually bleached) were considered so essential that, if before the consecration they happened to go out (quenched, for instance, by a gust of wind) and could not be relit within fifteen minutes, the celebration of Mass had to be abandoned, and some writers maintained that even if the candles could be relit within that time, Mass should in any case be begun again from the start. Some of these rules were formulated only in the second half of the nineteenth and the beginning of the 20th century.  The Roman Missal of the time continued to indicate merely that on the altar there should be "at least two candlesticks with lit candles" with a centrally placed cross between. There is also a rule given in the same section of the Roman Missal - and still included even in the typical 1920 edition - that "a candle to be lit at the elevation of the Sacrament" should be placed with the cruets of wine and water to the Epistle side of the altar.

The items below represent a small selection of what we can offer and if you have something specific in mind now shown, please do contact us.

Church Candlesticks

LE88437 Candlestick

Gold finish double candle holder with integral cross.  Szie 10" x 10 1/2".


To order only.


Church Candlesticks

LE88438 Candlestick

Gold finish set two candle holders, size 5" x 4 3/4".


To order only.


Church Candlesticks

LE88436 Candlestick

Individual polished brass candlestick size 13" x 5 3/4".


To order only.


Other styles available from our suppliers to meet your requirements and budget so contact us now and we are sure that we can match what you require...

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