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palm crosses, leaves & ashes

As it is the first day of Lent, Christians begin Ash Wednesday by marking a Lenten calendar, praying a Lenten daily devotional, and abstaining from a luxury that they will not partake of until Eastertide arrives.

Ash Wednesday derives its name from the placing of repentance ashes on the foreheads of participants to either the words "Repent, and believe in the Gospel" or the dictum "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." The ashes are prepared by burning palm leaves from the previous year's Palm Sunday celebrations.  

Palm Sunday commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1–9), when palm branches were placed in his path, before his arrest on Holy Thursday and his crucifixion on Good Friday. It thus marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of Lent.

Plam Leaves
Palm Ashes - Ash Wednesday

Palm Ashes

Supplied in packets.  

One packet is sufficient for approx. 150 to 200 persons, depending on application.  We also provide this complete with Holy Land 100% Olive Oil so that the ash can be mixed authentically to a paste, how it should be.

Ash Wednesday Ashes & Oil Combination

Get ready for the start of Lent with our Ash Wednesday items as well as Palms for Palm Sunday.   

Ash Wednesday is a Christian holy day of prayer and fasting. It is preceded by Shrove Tuesday and falls on the first day of Lent, the six weeks of penitence before Easter. Ash Wednesday is traditionally observed by Western Christians, including Anglicans, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Old Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians, some Baptists, some Nazarenes, and most Latin Rite Roman Catholics.



Sift the ashes into a bowl using a fine mesh sieve using the back of a teaspoon to push the ashes through the mesh.  Add one or two drops of olive oil to the ashes in the bowl and mix with a teaspoon. Mix the ash and oil until the ash begins to stick together, the mix should have a pastelike consistency. Add oil or ash until the mixture is right.  Cover the ash and oil paste with plastic wrap until ready to use to prevent anything from falling in and contaminating the mixture.


Tips & WarningsWipe the ashes off using a clean, dry cloth. Use a few drops of lemon juice to clean the skin if the ash doesn't wipe off completely.  

Never mix palm ashes with water or use water to clean the ash mark off skin. Palm ash mixed with water may burn the skin.

Palm Sunday Croses

Palm Crosses

Top quality African Palm Crosses.  Made by local farmers to provide additional income to pay for essential services in their communities. 


Supplied in packs of 50 or 100

Palm Sunday - Palm Leaves

Palm Leaves

Top quality African Palm leaves.  Harvested by local farmers to provide additional income to pay for essential services in their communities.  Make your own Palm Crosses from these dried Palm Leaves. 


Supplied in packs of 100.

58cm Artificial Palm Branches
58cm Artificial Palm Branches Palm branches

Artifcial Palm Branches

Add a touch of authenticity to your service and/or display with these replica Palm Branches which come in lengths of circa 58cm total.


Ideal for display and can be hand held too...

Palm Ash Containe
Palm Ash Container

Palm Ash Containers

Ideal for mixing and holding your palm ashses and oil ready for use.  Available in hardwearing stainless steel or heavy duty porcelin.  Dishwasher safe.

Palm Ash Container

Available sizes:


1.5oz (43ml) Stainless steel Ash pot.  Height 27mm diameter 60mm.

2oz (65ml) white porcelin Ash Pot.  Height 35mm diameter 65mm

2.5oz (71ml) Stainless steel Ash Pot.  Height 40mm diamter 57mm.

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