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Gremiale Apron used at washing of the feet

Gremiale (Linen Apron)

A square or oblong cloth which the bishop, according to the "Cæremoniale" and "Pontificale", should wear over his lap, when seated on the throne during the singing of the Kyrie, Gloria, and Credo by the choir, during the distribution of blessed candles, palms or ashes, and also during the anointments in connection with Holy orders.


The gremiale is never used during pontifical Vespers. The primary object of the gremiale is to prevent the soiling of the other vestments, especially the chasuble. The gremiale used during the pontifical Mass is made of silk. It should be decorated by a cross in the centre, and trimmed with silk embroidery. Its colour must correspond with the colour of the chasuble. The gremiales used at other functions are made of linen, to facilitate their cleansing in case they be soiled. Little is known of its history; apparently its origin dates back to the later Middle Ages.


The Roman Ordo of Gaetano Stefaneschi (c. 1311) mention it first (n. 48); soon after it is mentioned in the statutes of Grandison of Exeter (England) as early as 1339, In earlier times it was used not only any bishop but also by priests.


It is not blessed and has no symbolical meaning.

This is an intriguing vestment, particularly since “little is known of its history.”  But firstly, this vestment is referred to explicitly as an “apron” in many references.

The linen style, offered here, is often used on Holy Thursday when the Priest washes the feet of the twelve disciples.

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Gremiale Linen Apron
Linen Gremiale (Grenial) Apron
Linen Gremiale (Grenial) Apron

Gremiale (Linen Apron)

White linen fabric upon which a red cross is embroidered front bottom.  Size 85cm wide x 45cm depth with two tie tapes each measuring 140cm in length. 


Large enough to fit most waist sizes and over the worn vestments.

Ideal to be worn to protect the under vestments during the washing of the feet at the Maundy Thursday Mass as well as for protection for the Bishop whilst consecrating an altar with oils.


Available from stock

Linen Gremiale (Grenial) Apron
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