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Altar Linen Accessories

A small range of items that you may find of use in the care for your church altar linens.

Keep your linens looking well for many years by following the correct care instructions and also the correct folding and storage of each of the pieces within the linen sets.

Our items below can help you...

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North East Church Supplies Care of your Church Linens Book

AL-BKCARE  Care of your Linens Book:

Know how to look after your church linens to give you years of use.  We offer a complete guide to and care of Altar Linens.  Everything you need to know - How to launder, fold and care for your items. 


Many hints and tips included.

Available from stock

North East Church Supplies Care of your Church Linens Starch 300ml Can

AL-STARCH  -  Starch for your Linens

300ml Aerosol can of spray starch.  When you want your linens and cloths to look pristine, this spray starch makes it easy to achieve great results exactly where you need it. Simply spray and iron. It contains silicone for easy ironing and with natural starch it restores a fresh, crisp look and improves resistance to dirt and wear, for a perfect finish that lasts.

Available from stock

Directions for use:

Adjust iron heat to suit fabric.  Turn arrow on spray button towards mark on can rim.  Shake can before each spray.  Hold can at 45° angle & spray 20cm from dry/damp fabric.  Allow to soak in briefly before ironing.


Helpful Hints:

Effective on all washable (NOT dry-clean only) fabrics.  Test on dark fabrics in discrete area before use.  If spray is blocked, rinse nozzle under warm running water.  Spray Starch can make hard surfaces slippery, if so please take care.

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