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... either for yourself, or for someone special. That is why each order is especially packed by us personally in colour co-ordinated wrapping with co-ordinating stickers, washing instructions, a brocade fabric drawstring storage bag (embroidered), printed card and secure outer packaging.

What does "Filo di Scozia" represent?

The definition "Filo di Scozia" (two ply, long staple, double mercerized cotton) - as per our socks here - has always been used to indicate very high grade cotton fabrics with unique characteristics of brilliance, softness, silky hand, solid dyes and, above all, for maintaining these characteristics over time.

Italian manufacturers are undoubtedly leaders in the production of these precious fabrics and have formed associations to promote and ensure the authenticity of Filo di Scozia fabrics.

Clothing which features authentic Filo di Scozia cotton fabric carry the mark of quality of the associations, for example, Centro Promozione Filoscozia or Tessuto FiloDiScozia Alta Qualita, and feature all of the following special characteristics:

IT IS THE MOST LUXURIOUS COTTON YARN, obtained exclusively from the finest long-staple cotton.

IT IS COMBED to eliminate the shorter, weaker fibres;

IT IS TWISTED AND DOUBLED: in other words, made up of two identical quality strands. The twisting operation more than doubles the yarn’s original strength;

IT IS SINGED: that is, run across a gas flame to burn off any protruding fibers to achieve maximum smoothness and sheen;

IT IS SKEIN MERCERIZED: that is, immersed in a special bath with the fibers perfectly wound and under tension. Mercerized cotton fibers absorb more perspiration than any other fiber and dry readily, feeling pleasant and cool against the skin.

Like all beautiful things, these socks need care and attention. Hand washing is recommended. If machine washed, the temperature must not exceed 30 ° C. This rule is also used for hand washing.

Also beware that the drum does not rotate too fast, 600 rev / min is acceptable, but no more. And finally, never place your socks into the dryer, whatever the reason!

Clerical Socks...

At last, NECS are able to offer you here in the UK, the world famous, knee length, clerical socks as sold by top Papal Tailors in Rome to members of the clergy and laity across the world.

Made popular over the years by high ranking clergy including Cardinals and Bishops from all over the world, these sought after items became very popular with lay persons who would head to the various Tailors in and around Rome to purchase them.

Now you can get them direct from NECS.

Making an ideal gift, they are made from the finest materials available. Very comfortable to wear.

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Sizes Available based on UK Shoe Size:

Shoe Size 7 - 7 1/2 (SMALL) Shoe Size 8 - 9 1/2 (MEDIUM)
Shoe Size 10 - 11 1/2 (LARGE) Shoe Size 12 - 13 (X-LARGE)

Click below image to expand the size chart

Black Socks
Black Socks Label
Purple Socks
Purple Socks Label
Red Socks Label
Red Socks


World Famous Black socks. Made in Rome from the finest in Italian fabrics and available now in the UK directly from NECS. Scarlet socks suitable for Bishops and alike as well as the discerning gentleman for business and casual wear. Available in an array of sizes to ensure a good fit.

Very popular with city gentleman too as a "Red Sock" trend continues...

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