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The art of wearing a gentleman’s hat is one that men should be familiar with. There was, after all, a time when a gentleman wouldn’t leave his home without one, but this rather staid convention is well and truly behind us.

Nowadays, modern gentlemen wear a hat through choice rather than necessity and as a result, the etiquette that was once second nature to these men has often deteriorated.


Like many things in life, hat-wearing comes with its own set of specific rules. We are not saying you should religiously stick to these on every occasion, however if you’re attending a more formal event then you will be expected to abide by them.

It’s generally accepted that a gentleman should remove his hat when indoors. There are few exceptions to this rule, unless you’re in a pub or lunch-time cafe in which case you can get away with it.

Outdoors is when things get more complicated though. A gentleman should remove his hat when he is being introduced to someone, or when he is saying goodbye to a lady. These notions have been in place for decades and your grandfathers and their grandfathers would have followed them, so you’d be rude not to.

When wearing a hat was essential practice, tipping it was important business. It was and still is a way of displaying thanks or acknowledgment, and is therefore considered very polite, although it is usually only done to a woman. A gentleman should tip his hat when a lady thanks him or in an instance when a subtle apology is needed.

This is not a rule so much as a necessity. If you don’t wear your hat with confidence then you simply won’t be able to pull it off and it won’t look good. Look to the black and white films of the ‘40s and ‘50s for your inspiration and if in doubt, just pretend you’re Cary Grant.

Other style Hats...

As well as standard clerical hats we are also able to offer you a small selection of classical handmade hats that are often worn on more relaxed surroundings and occassions. Summer and sunny weather are, however, not guaranteed! As these hats are handmade to order they are non returnable so please ensure you order the correct style and size in the first instance... leadtime circa 7-10 days (variable)



Great for days out in the sun, keep cool this summer with our stylish snap-brimmed Panama hats. Expertly handwoven, these superb hats will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

The purpose of rolling a Genuine Panama hat should always be for the convenience of travel only and your hat should not be kept permanently stored rolled up.


How to roll a Panama hat

1 Turn down the brim all the way round
2 Hold the hat with the crown running from left to right
3 Fold carefully along the centre ridge of the crown, pushing one side of the hat into the other
4 Gently roll the hat loosely into a cone-like shape – you can put a band or scarf around to keep it held loosely in place

If your Panama loses its shape, steam it over boiling water while shaping it up with your hands to help it recover. Please make sure that you do not over steam. If you need to reshape the brim you can use an iron as long as you protect it using a cloth in between the hat and the iron. The best way to store your Panama is in a hat box in a warm and dry place, or stuff the crown with tissue paper put into a plastic bag and store on top of a wardrobe.

Sizes: Small/Medium (57cm) and Large/X Large (59cm)

Straw Boater


Our distinctively natural straw boater hat, with its iconic ribbon looks great paired with a summer blazers, and the 100% straw construction will protect you from the sunshine while guaranteeing you stay cool. Very dapper indeed!

Small/Medium (57cm), Large/XLarge (59cm)



A great finishing touch to any summer outfit, our new safari hat will keep the sun off in style this summer. This attractive and practical linen hat is finished off with a leather band, and features a snap brim to ensure that it retains its shape.

Small/Medium (57cm), Large/XLarge (59cm)

Safari Hat
Trilby buscuit
Trilby blue


This understated men’s hat is borne out of the tradition of the classic, formal trilby, and will make for a wonderful addition to any warm weather get-up. Made from nothing but the finest Irish linen, and featuring a contrast trim on the external band, this flexible hat will work with any summer outfit. The herringbone weave adds a subtle detail and the chambray lining adds an extra air of practicality to the hat. When the temperature warms up, the practical lining will help absorb moisture, so you can comfortably get on with your day.

Sizes: S (21.5-22"), M(22.5-23"), L(23-23.5"), XL(23.5-24")

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