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We offer a large range of remarkably stylish, keenly priced vestments. Designed with practical, everyday use in mind, most of our vestments are lightweight and may be machine washed, if desired.

Should you require linings to vestments - we can offer this!

We can mix and match all styles and designs - just simply tell us how you want it!

All Dalmatics are sized as follows:-

Length - 125cm front
Length - 125cm back
Total length - 250cm

Width - 150cm

But we can make your own size!

The dalmatic is a long wide-sleeved tunic, which serves as a liturgical vestment in the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, and United Methodist Churches, which is sometimes worn by a deacon at the service of worship or mass. Although infrequent, it may also be worn by bishops above the alb and below the chasuble. Like the chasuble worn by priests and bishops, it is an outer vestment and is supposed to match the liturgical colours of the day.

The dalmatic is a robe with wide sleeves; it reaches to at least the knees or lower. In 18th Century vestment fashion, it is customary to slit the under side of the sleeves so that the dalmatic becomes a mantle like a scapular with an opening for the head and two square pieces of the material falling from the shoulder over the upper arm. Modern dalmatics tend to be longer and have closed sleeves, with the sides being open below the sleeve. The distinctive ornamentation of the vestment consists of two vertical stripes running from the shoulder to the hem; according to Roman usage these stripes are narrow and sometimes united at the bottom by two narrow cross-stripes. Outside of Rome the vertical stripes are quite broad and the cross-piece is on the upper part of the garment. At a Pontifical High Mass, a dalmatic (usually made of lighter material) is worn by the bishop under the chasuble. At solemn papal liturgical occasions the Pope is assisted by two Cardinal Deacons vested in a dalmatic and wearing a mitra simplex (simple white mitre).


We offer a comprehensive range of Deacon's Dalmatics in various liturgical colours as well as various styles and designs.

They are also available in woven fabrics, brocade fabrics and embroidered fabrics.

All Dalmatics come complete with matching Stole free of charge and are beautifully tailored in lightweight and comfortable to wear materials. As all Dalmatics are made to order, they are non returnable unless faulty in some way.

We offer various styles and colours of Dalmatics - please select from the buttons below to view the different types and prices...

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Roman Style Dalmatics

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Cream Dalmatic

Rose Pink Dalmatic

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Marian Dalmatic

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