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* The purificator (purificatorium or more anciently emunctorium) is a white linen cloth which is used to wipe the chalice after each communicant partakes. It is also used to wipe the chalice and paten after the ablutions which follow Communion.

* The pall (pallium or palla) a stiffened square card or similar covered with white linen, usually embroidered with a cross, or some other appropriate symbol. The purpose of the pall is to keep dust and insects from falling into the Eucharistic elements.

* The corporal is a square white cloth upon which the chalice and paten are placed when the Eucharist is celebrated. It may be edged with fine lace, and a cross or other designs may be embroidered onto it.

* The Lavabo Towel is used by the celebrant to dry his hands after washing them.

* The amice is a liturgical vestment. It consists of a white cloth connected to two long ribbon-like attachments, by which it is fastened around the shoulders of the priest

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The gremiale, also called gremial, is an apron-like vestment worn by the bishop as part of the Catholic Mass or other sacred orders


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